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Applications for the TeacHack Internship Programme are now open.


  1. This is not a regular internship where you work with me for 2-3 months just to have another relevant experience on your CV. This is an internship where I teach you everything that I know so that we both benefit from it.
  2. You have to be willing to learn and put in the hours. I’ll take you through a variety of tasks that will build your all-around skills (from Social Media Marketing, Copywriting to Course Creation or Reporting).
  3. You must have a high level of English and be based in Bucharest. It’s crucial for us to work in person & everything I do is in English.

If you feel like you don’t fulfil one of the requirements, then don’t apply.

Why Do I Want To Do This?

The main skill I have learned in the past 18 months is how to teach people and get them results. I know how to deconstruct what I do in a step-by-step manner to teach you how I handle my business in the most efficient manner.

I always have ideas on how to further develop my business, but it’s not feasible for me to do everything. I want to train you to handle these aspects so that you help me run my business more efficiently. In return, you’ll know exactly how to create your first online product and create an online brand.

What’s In It For You

Here’s what you can learn from my experience:

  • Online Course Creation: I’ve created over 15 online courses in the past 1.5 years and have a student base of 15,000. Once I train you, I guarantee you can create your own course in 30 days.
  • Selling Online: I’ve sold coaching offers on Webinars for $500+ and plan to start selling for over $1,000. This is purely for course creation and it doesn’t nearly encompass everything that my business entails.
  • Networking & Connecting With Your Idols: I’m very well connected. I recently interviewed Seth Godin at an event. I’m currently building a podcast where I’ll have entrepreneurs such as  Jimmy Naraine, Chris Haroun and Peter Sage as my guests. I can teach you how to meet influential people and pave your own way forward.
  • Branding Yourself: I have a lot of experience with Social Media and have the #1 ranked LinkedIn course on Udemy. I also have great experience with presenting on video or creating stunning PowerPoints that will impress your viewers.
  • Productivity: I’m still baffled at how many people don’t know how to be efficient. I’m a productivity freak – whether it’s my daily routines or the softwares that I use, I always look for ways to be more productive. I have systems & methods in place that will make your job and future work opportunities much more efficient.

How Would This Work

I want to work closely with you so that you can help me in every aspect of my business. Some tasks will be fun, others will be extremely challenging, some you might find dull. Whatever the task is, it has a purpose. It’s an important part of running a business – whether it’s reporting on financials or deciding on the next product to launch. Here are some of the tasks that I’ll have you do:

  • Social Media Marketing: Knowing how to post & market to Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
  • Content Curation: Identifying existing Udemy courses that can be repurposed for other platforms ( & managing them accordingly)
  • Lead Generation: Approaching leads and getting them through a funnel that takes them one step closer to becoming a paying customer
  • Content Posting: Bringing traffic to the TeacHack website via guest posting & utilising platforms such as Flipboard or StumbleUpon
  • Research: Various business opportunities, as well as guests for my podcast
  • Reporting & Analytics: Creating & maintaining business spreadsheets to keep track of our key indicators
  • Admin: Managing online courses, uploading content to different platforms

The Next Steps

If you think you’re up for it, then:

  1. Send me an email to clearly stating that you’re applying for the Internship in the e-mail header.
  2. Attach your CV & tell me a bit more about yourself & why you’d want this position in the email message.
  3. If I like your application, I’ll contact you for an interview.