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1.5 years ago my dream came true. And it wasn’t related to passive income.

I had just got hired by one of the top Management Consulting companies in the world. Great salary, huge signing bonus, working in one of the best cities in the world and being part of an elite group of young people who would get this opportunity. What could possibly go wrong?

As I soon found out, this wasn’t by far the ideal situation for me.

  • I wasn’t happy living in London
  • The job wasn’t as fulfilling as I initially thought
  • The company was so massive that I felt disposable; climbing up the hierarchy didn’t seem as appealing when I was on the inside
  • I had limited vacation time and opportunity to travel
  • Most of all – I felt like I had no control over my future

4 months in, I decided to quit. Friends tried to persuade me not to, my family thought I was crazy and people around me were telling me I was giving up the certainty of an awesome job for something unsure. But for me it wasn’t that uncertain. I wasn’t happy and I definitely wouldn’t settle for less. I had a close group of friends that were pushing me to embrace the challenge and go on my own path.

That’s exactly what I did and I haven’t looked back since.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m not trying to advocate that everyone should quit their job. I personally have a lot of close friends who are extremely happy in their current situations. That’s usually because they’re fulfilled pursuing their dream. That wasn’t the case for me – and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same.

The main problem is that most people are afraid to pursue their dreams. They are taught that choosing the certainty of a monthly salary is the way to go. It’s safe and that’s what you should do in life. Many are not aware of the immense opportunities out there – particularly now with the rise of the Internet and the sharing economy.

One of these opportunities is Udemy. I was lucky enough to find out about it much sooner than most people.

“Wow. I’m an Entrepreneur. I’m on my own now”

I never perceived myself capable of being an entrepreneur. Something changed in my last year at University – I started hanging out with other successful people more often and I started reading about entrepreneurship. Being under this social influence, ideas started popping into my head. But yet again, I was afraid to just go for it.

Before I started my consulting job, one of my close friends had just started to earn a lot on Udemy. I was shocked. All of this was passive income. He had the freedom to travel anywhere he wanted to. It inspired me. That was when I started to entertain the idea of creating online courses.

It’s hard to get started

Really hard. Even though my friend was an example, I was still afraid. I did not have the confidence to pull it off. So I postponed it, convinced that my job would be the cure-all for my hunger. Luckily, my first project brought my expectations down.

Having realised I was in this for the long-haul, I started to feel uneasy. When would I be able to travel? What are my career prospects? Would I seriously be happy as a dedicated corporate employee in my 30s? Would I have to live in London spending my days in a musky office literally 50% of the time? Would I only see my family on Easter and Christmas and miss all my close friends?

That was when I said “enough!”.  I wrote down all the things I was good at. I started scouring Udemy to see any market opportunities. Having used LinkedIn significantly in the past few years, I had the confidence to teach people about the topic .

I made a promise to myself (this was November 2014): no matter what, I will produce and launch a course by the end of the year. I will see the initial results and I’ll consider quitting my job. I was so driven that I would work on my content in the evenings and at weekends. 

I was extremely productive, but very inefficient in the way I worked. I use better software now, I know how to structure my content in a much better way. I could have created that course in 2 weeks knowing what I know now, not in 2 months.

 Why Passive Income Is Awesome

Slowly, but surely, I pulled it off. At the beginning of January I had my course filmed. I launched it and made $150 in my first month. It might not seem like that much, but consider that it’s passive income that comes back to you periodically.

I was sure I’d make more if I dedicated myself 100% to creating online courses. Soon the question was – stay in this job and create courses in my spare time or fully focus on my online business and grow it as fast as possible. I chose the latter because I was convinced I could make it work.

A photo showing a young entrepreneur working on a sofa. The idea is that it takes a lot of initial work to get a passive income business started.

Starting a successful passive income business does require a lot of initial work.

Looking back, it was the best decision of my life. In the past 12 months I have managed to:

  • Make more money in an individual month (over $5,000) than I would have in any individual month for the next 3-4 years in my corporate job
  • Properly lived in 3 different countries (UK, Czech Republic & Romania)
  • Moved back home 7 months ago, something that I had wanted to do since I first moved to the UK 5.5 years ago
  • Visited 7 different countries
  • Got rid of the annoying weekend bug – when you can’t wait for Friday evening and you spend all of Sunday thinking that you have to go to work the next day; every day is the same to me now.
  • Tailored my lifestyle according to my newly-found flexibility
  • Took control of my life and my future – I know everything is entirely dependent on myself

You always have a choice

I’m not writing these lines to brag, but to illustrate to you what is possible. Anyone can start an online business – it doesn’t have to be Udemy. Anyone can be successful in making passive income, chasing their dreams and living the life they want to live.

However, not everyone is willing to do what it takes. Not everyone has the courage to say “to hell with the 9 to 5” and chase their dreams 100%. Not everyone is willing to put in the work in the evening and at the weekends to create a business part-time.

If this truly sounds appealing to you, then consider it. Almost everyone that has a successful online business has been in your shoes at some point. All of them can give you great advice on starting your own path. Learning from someone who has made it will always shorten the time you have to spend to get to a similar level. There are a lot of Udemy experts out there. Just as there are Amazon experts, CPA, Affiliate marketers and the list goes on.

Don’t take my word for it, go and find them. Figure out what your passion is and decide to pursue it. Find the experts that will help you in your niche and get their advice. And if you decide that Udemy is the way for you, then read as much as you can and take notes. Acquiring this “inside-info” will give you an advantage over everyone else who is just creating courses. That by itself will make you much better equipped than I ever was when I got started.