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Helping others and getting them measurable results is what online education is about if you ask me. Sure, there are a lot of financial rewards that come with it. However, the moment you get a review from a student saying you changed their life with your courses is when your heart fills up with gratitude. This gratitude cannot be trumped by any financial incentive.

Taking that a step further, it’s even more exciting when you inspire someone to create their own path in life based on what you teach them.

How I Met Martin

One year ago I had the chance to meet Martin. He’d approached our group through some common friends and decided to join us for our Mastermind trip to Mykonos, Greece. At that time, he had just quit his job and was determined to follow his passion in life (more on that later). Right after our Mastermind, he went on to create his first Udemy course and now has 5 courses and 4,000+ students.

I’m proud of the fact that he managed to get so far based on my initial training and learning experience. But I’m more proud of the fact that I gained a really close friend which I can learn a lot from as well.

We decided to take you through our journey and show you exactly how we worked together.

I’ll let Martin take it over from here …

Meeting up

Wow. I remember it clearly! It was the first time when I met people who were actually making money online, doing the things they love. People who travelled, who worked from their laptops and got payments via their PayPal accounts. Until then I had heard the name “Digital Nomads”, but it was totally different to meet them in person and see how they do it.

We had people flying in from 10 different countries to a paradise island in Greece. In this Mastermind Group they would hold meetings twice a year. The purpose was to exchange ideas, work together and of course, to have fun. And I was there, I was one of them. Dragos was one of the main organizers.

Photo of me, Dragos and our friends on a Greek island.

Me (far right), Dragos (middle) and the others in Mykonos whilst filming one of the videos for our course.

One idea the organisers came up with was to all work on a product while we were there. Dragos thought we could create a course about participating in and running a Mastermind group, so that more people around the world could create their own high-performance groups that makes them better.

That was the decision – we would film and publish a Udemy course within 3-4 days.

Destroying Limiting Beliefs 

I am so grateful that Dragos took this initiative because I got to learn everything he does: how he prepares content, how he ensures it’s captivating and how he comes up with new ideas. His mantra is to get his students measurable results and that’s exactly what I got through this training.

Before working together I thought that preparing & shooting an online course by myself must take months. If you asked me back then how long I thought it would take to film a course comprising 5 presenters, 40+ videos, 3+ hours of footage in 10+ locations, I would most probably have said 6 months. However, what happened in that week completely changed my beliefs of what was actually possible.

The Process

In reality, we shot the whole course in a little less than 3 days. I saw first hand how Dragos prepared for every lecture and how he directed others to be in optimal performance. I learned so much by just being around him.

Martin shooting one of the videos of our course.

Martin shooting one of the videos of our course.

Moreover, when I was preparing for my videos, he would take the time and answer all my questions. His feedback was always very specific and highly targeted to my situation. He helped me with:

  • Structuring my part of the course outline so that it would take students through a logical and easy-to-follow stream of lectures
  • Constructing the content of my lectures in a step-by-step manner that offers students a lot of value
  • How to present in front of the camera and deliver a good speech
  • Getting the confidence to talk on camera
  • Most of all, how to find the inspiration to come up with new ideas

The Experience

Overall I felt very at ease with the whole process. And that is maybe what I like most about Dragos. Although he is pretty successful online, he is very patient and he takes his time to explain any of your questions. Sometimes I was worried if what I asked him would be stupid or silly, but he always made me feel comfortable. He always explained what I needed to do to be successful online in a step-by-step manner . Without a doubt, he’s one of the best coaches I have ever had the chance to work with.

10 months later

After all those coaching sessions, I couldn’t wait to get back home and get busy. I wrote the outline of my first Udemy course in less than a week. I asked a friend to help me film it. We filmed all the lectures over the weekend and my course was online 2 weeks after we said good-bye to Dragos. Up to this day, I am still amazed at the amount of momentum I got out from hanging out with him and his buddies and for that experience I am forever grateful.

Now, I have already 5 courses on udemy and more than 4000 students. However, if it was not for Dragos’ tips and motivation I might still be working at my 9-5 job whilst planning my first course. I can say that Dragos made it 10x easier for me to create a portfolio of online courses. He helped me believe that I could do this myself and that it is actually possible for anyone to do it. If I didn’t know where to start today, if I was frustrated with working in a boring job, I definitely know I could contact him and ask for a solution.

Back To Dragos

Helping Martin reach his goals is extremely rewarding. However, gaining a friend is even more impactful. Since we met roughly a year ago, Martin has helped me with one of his incredible talents: connecting with influencers.

Now, that’s a topic in itself, but we promise you we’ll bring a full-fledged case study once our work together is complete on that front …