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If you are a cryptocurrency exchange and wish to list GUS, a crypto based lending facility looking for liquidity or a crypto project who wish to be paired with GUS to gain access to a larger pool of users and investors, please fill out the contact form or send an email to foundation@gus.money

Its a gold backed stable coin, each unit pegged to the value of $1 USD.

GUS tokens are backed 120% or more to account for any market volatility.

All gold is held in private bank independent third party gold vaults across a large geographically distributed network of trusted industry professionals.

The crypto market needs more fluid fiat and value onramps, particularly ones that can operate outside the central banking system. Banks deliberately shut access to crypto but through GOLD any person in the world can inject capital into the ecosystem.

Institutions need trust and liquidity for both their entry and exit into investment vehicles. The uncertainty of incumbents like tether provide little security in the event of govt seizure, bank run or insolvency. GUS however, offers distributed, international access with a liquidity rich commodity enabling accredited investors the ability to move large amounts of funds in and out of the crypto space seamlessly, without fail.

The GUS network has two gold accounts called GOLD and the reserve. Gold account contains the exact amount of gold in USD value relative to the total amount of GUS tokens in circulation. The reserve has an additional amount of gold that changes over time.

The gold in the reserve is traded in and out of the GOLD account to accommodate for market fluctuations in price, resulting in a completely stable GUS coin.

It is our ambition to continually grow the GUS reserve until the reserve holds more assets than the main account, further securing the network. The Reserve grows by lending out its GUS coins with interest and taking advantage of gold market opportunities. If you would like to borrow, please contact foundation@gus.money

The GUS network undergoes regular independent third party audits. Simple, honest and transparent.

You can deposit gold to the GUS reserve, following deposit verification GUS coins are instantly sent to your designated wallet. Please use contact page for assistance.

Currently GUS only accepts minimum deposits of 10kg and withdrawals of $1m USD or more.

The GUS network can instantly accommodate up to 1 Mt of gold. Volumes greater than 1 metric tonne will take longer processing time. Approximately 48 hours