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Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself: “I wish I could meet this one person, they could change my life!”. It could be anyone: your favourite athlete, a famous celebrity, or better yet, an entrepreneur you could learn a lot from.

I’m lucky enough to have someone in my life that has this skill: connecting motivated individuals with the people that inspire them. This is not merely connecting them to other successful people, but reaching that exact person that you dream to emulate.

Whether it’s best-selling authors or serial 7+ figures entrepreneurs, I’ve seen Martin do some amazing things in the past year. I’ll let him share his story about how he connected one of his clients with New York best-selling author – David Allen . 

What This Case Study Is All About 

One can read a lot of theory about meeting important people or attracting and befriending a person with power. However, what I would rather do for you is show you first hand how it is done.

I’m literally going to break down every single step of the process. I’ve done it many times and so can you. By the end you will be ready to go out there and replicate the process, whilst saving yourself years of frustration. We’ll be using a case study from one of my clients to see how we need to think and what specific actions we need to take in order to meet those successful people in real life. Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Beginning … 

One day, Niels, a young consultant called me up and asked if I can help him meet a New York best-selling author, somebody who has sold millions of copies of his books. This would be a pretty crazy request for some, but for me it is always a thrill to have a new challenge, a new case. The Sherlock Holmes in me said:

“Sure! Who would you like to meet exactly?”

“David Allen!” said Niels.

“The productivity guru? The author of “Getting Things Done”?” – I asked in excitiment.

“Yes! Exactly”

It turned out that David’s teaching had impacted Niels’ life in a very positive way. With many new clients and increasing responsibilities at work, Niels needed a way to prioritize his tasks better. He needed to learn how to delegate, how to be better organised and create a system which would help him be more productive.

“Getting Things Done” gave him a lot of tools that dramatically helped him. He had a strong desire to meet David Allen. He even had an idea of how to do it, but he needed somebody to help him put his plan into action. Luckily, I like to be the person who can help people meet their personal heroes.

The Goal

Before we start, I usually try to understand why people want to meet a particular person. Usually it is because that person is at a level where they would like to be or because they have already walked the path in life they would like to take. In this case,  David Allen had been a consultant for many years and Niels believed he could get valuable tips from him.

He was mostly interested in answers to important career questions:

  • What should be the next step in my career?
  • What is the best route to take to reach that next level?
  • How can I accelerate my career progression and reach the top of my firm fast?

We can all benefit from the advice of more experienced people, who have our best intention at heart. Especially when that person is a productivity guru who happens to have had the same career as us.


The goal was clear. Niels wanted David Allen as a mentor. Great choice! The next step was to see how Niels could help David in his endeavours.

Wait, what? Niels helping David? I thought the more successful man was supposed to help out the younger one? Well spotted, my friend. That is what most people think.

However, the truth is somewhat counter-intuitive. A much better strategy is to offer value first. Since nobody is doing that, this is how you can stand out from the crowd and get on their radar. Therefore, the second step is to find out how you can add o value to your potential mentor

Sherlock Holmes

In order to do that, you need to know where you can help that person. And for that you need to do some Detective work – research and gather facts about him or her. You need to understand what he or she is currently working on,where their focus is.

A great place for that, especially if you are looking up successful people is the internet (Google, Social media, etc). In David’s case, by just checking his recent interviews we could clearly see that he is mainly focused on spreading his message online. He wanted to reach more people around the world.

Often times it might not be straightforward, which is why you have to consume as much material as possible – books, interview, documentaries, podcasts – anything that can give you a hint about what drives that person.

Get creative!

Once you find their big goal, you can start figuring out what exactly you can do in order to contribute to their mission. Our strategy was to help him somehow with social media, given his focus on the online world.

Niels checked all of David’s social media accounts and saw an opportunity to help with Instagram. Although that David’s team was posting high-quality content, they were not posting very often. But everybody could write an email with a few tips on how to improve your Instagram strategy. However, a quick “Hey David, post more often” won’t be very valuable.

Be Outstanding 

In order to really stand out from the thousands of e-mails those important people receive, you want to go the extra mile. You want to actually do the work that most people would just advise them to do. In this case, I told Niels to take the most important quotes from David’s book and create some ready-to-be-used Instagram photos that David’s crew could use straight-away.

Not only did he go to the next level by understanding what David wants, but he also went out and did the entire work that would help him.

Take action

In certain situations you won’t want to do all the manual work yourself. Especially if you don’t know how to do it. Be smart and outsource it. There are a variety of platforms out there where people can literally do the work that would take you hours for $5/hour, depending on its nature. Niels was smart and hired somebody to take all the quotes from the book instead of him. He then put them in some nice Instagram frames and sent them to David via e-mail. 

And then?

Would you be surprised if I told you that David was very happy with this gift? 

Would it be weird if I told you that he was surprised that somebody took the time to help him progress with his mission?

Of course not! While everybody else is expecting advice from David for free, Niels was clever and offered him something he wanted. The result? David replied that he would happily meet with Niels.

Since then they have met 3 times already. Niels was a special guest at one of David’s VIP seminars and both of them are very happy with the connection.

This is what makes me happy, seeing a client getting the result that he wants. Helping somebody to break his limiting beliefs and actually reach out to their childhood heroes puts a smile on my face.

Helping my clients meet celebrities or billionaires is what excites me and fuels my brain.

Meeting successful people and getting mentored by them for free is possible – I trust that you believe that by now. So why wait and waste years of your life trying to figure out everything by yourself.

Imagine how much further you could be in life today, if you had a mentor with 20-30 more experience than you. My advice would be to start now!

As far as coaching, nowadays I only work with select clients. But if you are serious about it, if you feel like you could benefit from having a world-class mentor, even if you don’t have a clue what you want to do or who that mentor would be, then send me an email at and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

And remember, as Tony Robbins eloquently puts it: If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”