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I empower Aspiring Entrepeneurs to launch their first Online Business by teaching online courses on Udemy.

Why I quit my Management Consulting job in London for the freedom of an online business

“There are so many courses out there. How can I handle the competition??” 

“I don’t look good on camera. Besides, I don’t have the slightest idea about how to produce videos”

“I’m not a professor or academic, so I CANNOT teach online”

“I have no idea how to market my own course”

 Sounds familiar? Before starting out, I had these same beliefs…

 And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to overcome them.

 I would be working at 6.30am on a London tube on my way to work thinking “Why would people listen to me?”

 But I did it anyway. I made a commitment that I would launch my course within the next 30 days.

 Looking back, I’m shocked that I managed to do it. I was so inefficient…

 In my first month, my course made me a grand total of $122.30.

 “Not bad”, I thought. There’s something about making your first dollars in passive income, your mindset completely shifts.

 So I made the “rational” decision any Management Consultant who’s earning £2,000+ a month would make…

 I quit my job.

 Was it risky? Yes. Was it worth it?

 Well … looking back, it was the best decision I ever made.

 Over the following 18 months I launched 18 more courses.

 A few were great successes, some were major failures.

 But I managed to create an online business, teach over 20,000 students online, live in 3 different countries and earn passive income.

 And in the process, I mastered online course creation.

 Many people want to create their own online course, yet very few actually end of clicking the ‘Publish’ button.

 That’s why I created the 5 Day Challenge & consistently dedicate my time to helping people achieving their dreams online.

 Provided you have the right guidance, it’s much easier to create an online course than you think.

 Yes, competition is a great thing and you should embrace it.

 Yes, producing great quality videos can be done by anyone in this day and age.

 Yes, anybody can teach online, provided they have the right motivation and knowledge fuelling them.

 And yes, there are platforms where you can host your online courses that will do the marketing for you.

 Embrace the opportunity and get started now with our FREE 5 Day Course Creation Challenge.